I. AND SSN OF APPLICANT AF FORM 2030 20121107 PREVIOUS EDITIONS ARE OBSOLETE SIGNATURE PRIVACY ACT INFORMATION The information in this form is FOR OFFICIAL USE ONLY. USAF DRUG AND ALCOHOL ABUSE CERTIFICATE PRIVACY ACT STATEMENT AUTHORITY Title 10 U*S*C. Chapter 31 Sections 504 505 508 513 Chapter 807 Section 8067 Chapter 833 Section 8258 Chapter 1205 Sec12201 and Executive Order 9397 SSN as amended* PURPOSE To determine enlistment/commissioning eligibility and process qualified applicants. To...
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In order for you to continue with the application process you will be required to fill out the air force form 2030 United States Air Force drug and alcohol abuse certificate before you will be allowed to complete the form online I must ensure you are thoroughly briefed on the importance of filling out the form accurately and honestly the Air Force Academy has a zero-tolerance policy on drug and alcohol abuse now is the time to report any previous drug use or alcohol abuse as defined in the Air Force form 2030 to see if it is waiver bull and whether you can remain in the admissions process once you complete the Air Force form 20 30 any additional drug use or alcohol abuse that has not been previously waived may disqualify you for an appointment if you use drugs or abuse alcohol after signing the air force form 2030 you must report it in writing to the admissions office remember full disclosure of any prior drug use or alcohol abuse as defined on the air force form 2030 is required to be listed the knowing use of any intoxicating substance other than the lawful use of alcohol or tobacco products that is inhaled injected consumed or introduced into the body in any matter to alter mood or function is prohibited and should be disclosed now to see if it is wavering illegal drugs are defined as any drug or neck addict that is habit-forming or has potential for abuse because of its stimulant depressant or hallucinogenic effects these substances include but are not limited to marijuana spice bath salts inhalants substances used in huffing and or prescription or over-the-counter medications when used in a manner contrary to their intended medical purpose alcohol abuse is defined as alcohol use confirmed by competent medical authority that the individual is emotionally mentally or physically dependent on alcohol note when not confirmed by medical authorities self-admitted alcohol use that leads to a person's misconduct or unacceptable behavior to the impairment of work performance physical or mental health financial responsibility or personal relationships must be reported during the medical examination for determination of alcohol abuse if appointed to the Air Force Academy you will undergo a security clearance investigation as part of that investigation you will again be asked about your drug use investigators will then talk to your family friends neighbors classmates acquaintances etc additionally you may be subject to a polygraph as part of the security clearance process failure to disclose pre-service drug use or alcohol abuse now and discovery at any time after taking the oath of office or during the security clearance investigation may lead to discharge from the Air Force Academy or the Air Force with possible monetary recoupment for your education and training based on fraudulent entry into the United States Air Force it is important for you to know that there have been cadets and officers in the past that have been discharged from the Air Force...